Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Years Praying for Peace with Justice Action!

On March 8th, at 10am, more than TEN THOUSAND Afghan women will gather in public spaces around Afghanistan, including in Kandahar City, to pray for peace with justice in Afghanistan. All wearing a sky-blue scarf, the women will stand together, united across generations, languages, geographic locations, ethnic identity and tribal affiliations, to be present for peace and to call for peace with justice in Afghanistan.

Asking women to come out of their homes is a provocative and dangerous act in many parts of the Afghanistan, and therefore this act symbolizes the scope of women’s desire for peace with justice, and demonstrates their demand to participate and be present for peace in Afghanistan.On 8 March, we congratulate all women of the world, and in particular we show our solidarity with the women of Afghanistan, who are present today praying for peace with justice.

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